Hi guys my name is Dayoung! This blog was formerly s2jinyoungs2!
This is for five perfect boys; a fox prince, a mommy bear, a cutie ducky, a squirrel princess, and a chic and adorable puppy.
All are cuties, hotties, and angels

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bararo replied to your post: The ending to God’s Gift…. No


my mouth is sealed :x

let’s cry together ;~;

literally though that ending ㅠㅠ i don’t even understand why anything happened ゜・(ノД`)

The ending to God’s Gift…. No

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It’s been 3 years but I’m still curious on what they are thinking during this scene. On that one fateful day. With their Hot Pink stage outfits.
Three years of inspiring stories and counting.
Let’s fly higher, B1A4! The sky is waiting for us to reach the top.
Happy 3rd Anniversary!
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